14 Egerton Road Lahore, Pakistan

Message by CEO

CEO’s Message

Rising above the rest as Pakistan’s leading Company in paint manufacturing was not easy.  It started as a dream, taking years of struggles, accompanied by dedication from employees and trust from consumers.

MASTER PAINTS (MP) was carved holistically by our people and polished by the market industry.  Withstanding all pressures from the competitive and sometimes “dirty tactics” of the business sector, I can say “Alhamdulillah, we did it!”

MP prides itself for getting to the point of success that is in continuity.

In fact, MP is not just a company—- it is a family.  We share every inch of success to our assets—our diligent employees who unfailingly focus on bringing out the best in them for the betterment of our products and the company as a whole.

Same goes to our consumers, for believing on our products and inspiring us to serve you better.  Your trust and confidence to us is our cursor to delivering better innovative products that goes with time.

MP strongly rely on, that the basic principles of honesty, loyalty, and integrity are the building blocks to success.  Our product quality was harnessed through these principles and we will never ever give a second thought of bargaining our quality on anything— that is our COMMITMENT.

As we head through our march to development with the fast-pacing world we are into, comes our promise to enhancing our service by keeping abreast to latest technologies to further improve our products, innovative and operational changes to strongly stabilize our company’s strengths, gathering new solutions to meet customer demands, and keeping intact with the main goal of our company that is QUALITY SATISFACTION.

That’s the true value of what MP is here for because we believe that high levels of success can only be achieved through long-term relationships and partnerships that is based on our specific goals, set standards, and deeply-committed principles.

It will never be over.  MP will be with you not just in your homes but with the generations to come— that is our guarantee, a Quality that lasts!