14 Egerton Road Lahore, Pakistan

Research and Development

Master Paints Industries (Pvt.) Limited is a reputed and well-known company engaged in manufacturing superb quality of decorative paints. In order to fulfill its commitment to keep up, as well as improve the standard of its production, Master Paints is maintaining a comprehensive and well-equipped “Research & Development” department of its own. The R&D department of Master Paints Industries (Pvt) Limited is equipped not only with latest and sophisticated lab accessories but also with highly skilled technologists and chemists. The staff of Master Paints R&D department is constantly engaged in enhancing the standard of its production and keeping up with the universal standards by inserting fresh formulae and technology. Our R&D department is always in quest of exploring innovative ways, which are in harmony with contemporary demands and requisites.

R&D Department of Master Paints has a progressive environment and is always consistent with apex of exceptional outputs. The staff of Master Paints R&D Department consists of proactive professionals with magnanimous grasp to dislodge the confronting problem at hand. As the R&D department prepares all the formulae of various paints, along comes the responsibility to tackle any problem that occurs while using Master Paints products. Master Paints dont just decorate your home, your safety is also our concern.