Color Tips when Designing a Beauty Salon/Spa

Master Paints

A salon must be welcoming, warm and evokes a feeling of comfort amidst all the chaos of services getting offered there. Creating the environment according to the required clientele’ is as important to get the revenue flowing. A room where color is very important when it comes to hair color or makeup but when it comes to walls, this very important aspect is mostly overlooked.

The interior of a salon is as important as any other establishment. Great ambiance and quality design are high preferences of customers other than required services in right budget. Just as in restaurants, color plays an important role in the rate of salon visits. Now people are also keen on the atmosphere and the comfort a salon provides. They tend to and like to go to the place of quality and seek high level of comfort and relaxation.

A salon must be the place to unburden oneself. Therefore, for the interior of the salon/spa the canvas of walls must play the first role. Whether is a reception or the retail area or any other room, an appropriate theme should be followed.

We at Master Paints come to your help in such a task as well. Our luxury plastic emulsions are high scrub resistance as salons are busy active areas. If you want a sophisticated theme then off whites, pearl whites and beiges are your best shot. These color options are safer to start with if furniture and everything else is in contrast. These colors will give a decent base to any fun feature to be added.

Some people want to add character to the space. The more personalized a space the more it will be remembered for its originality. We at Master Paints offer supreme quality luxury plastic emulsions in many colors and their variants. Which will give you so many options to mix and match or paint a single shade throughout.

For the color selection Master Paints always suggest to first consider the size of the room for the advancing and receding properties of colors. Next is to check the amount of light the room receives, as colors are perceived differently in different amounts of light.

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