Creating a Classy Environment for a Family Room

Master Paints

A family room is warm, aesthetically pleasing and well lived in room of the house. Family room has replaced the living room since long. It’s the room that invites you to socialize, unwind and relax after a day’s work. Picking the right paint color for the family room is very important to create a warm personal vibe but is not very hard to choose.

With our Master Paints guide you can easily create the mood you like according to the theme of your house. Being the room of socialization and recreation, a family room requires careful planning regarding its paint selection as much as its loveseat or relaxing chair. For a warm feel you can use earthen tones and colors to paint the walls and keep the ceiling white to soften it. For this, Master Paints offers beiges and creams and neutrals and taupe’s hues in rich pearl finishes.

Home owners and designers in Pakistan are taking interior paints very seriously for the past couple of decades. Famous mono colors for family rooms are pale blues, warm oranges, and warm taupes to name a few. These colors will make a nice backdrop and go well with almost every type of furniture and décor.

Keep in mind to choose the color considering the fact to make the room appear larger or smaller. If the family room is connected to the kitchen then choose the color that works best for kitchen and family room both.

If you are not a mono color person then a two-tone color combo can be your go-to option. You can paint a feature wall a contrasting color with the rest of the paint, or more than one wall in one tone and the rest in another. For two-tone color combos, earthy tones and greens for a warmer and close-to-nature feel. And light blue and yellows to evoke energetic vibes.

Other than this the furniture and flooring also play a great deal for paint selection. Your favorite red carpet will not look inviting with sage green painted walls. Keep in mind these factors and don’t create color clashes between things around the room. Choose a classy color palette that goes beautifully well with the furniture, décor and even accessories.

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