Abdul Qadir

So you decided to revamp your home’s interior and are still deciding which color to paint your bedroom walls with. There are hundreds and thousands of colors (hues, tints, shades and tones) to choose from and it can be quite a task.

However, according to color psychology, some colors are specifically good for a bedroom or any room of the home where you sit, relax and enjoy your leisure time. The one that tops the list for a relaxing and soothing effect is the color blue. It is a calming color that enhances sleep. But if you are one of those people who want to have a warm touch to your room as well as keep it soothing and calm, then green is your go-to color.

The beauty of green is that it has elements of both warm and cool, which makes it one of the best colors for a bedroom. If you are looking for a deeper shade, then emerald green is a great option. Green has quite a large number of properties that can be helpful while choosing this as your bedroom décor. Researchers found that green color improves reading ability and can be used in the bedroom of a teenager as an accent wall. It will help her focus on her studies without overpowering the room. It is also an excellent anti-stress and is considered to be a health giving color.

When we talk about being calm, we can think about the “green rooms” they have for performers before they go on stage, as it probably helps them stay more grounded, focused and calm. Its calming effect is mostly due to the association it has with nature which is relaxing and refreshing for everyone.

If you have settled for the color green for your bedroom walls, you can paint all walls the same color or go for two walls or a single wall in green and the rest complimenting it. You can find a number of green shades to choose from Master Paints Luxury Plastic Emulsions. They are undoubtedly the best environment friendly paints in Pakistan and are high scrub resistant. If you cannot find the color you are looking for, you can get it custom created from the factory as well and delivered to your doorstep. How easy can it get!

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