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Are you tired of watching your beautiful home be a victim of cracks forming in the walls? Don't worry; we are here to help you create a smooth, clean finish for your walls without spending fortunes.

A lot of the times we see cracks form on our exterior walls with the passage of time. One of the reasons is mainly due to extreme weather conditions and use of low quality materials and paints. The lower the quality of paints used, the higher the risk of crack formation. If these cracks are not treated on time, moisture might enter through the openings and make the matters worse.

Some cracks in foundation walls (that are load bearing walls) can be a sign of poor structural integrity or a deeper root cause. Such cracks cannot be easily repaired by a beginner and should be reported to a professional for the best solution.

But if you are experiencing hairline cracks, they are mostly caused by the expansion or contraction of the wall surface. If you are noticing cracks on the top most layer of the wall, they can easily be treated by removing the damaged paint layer with the help of sandpaper and by applying a new coat of paint to the affected area.

Master Paints Weather Resistant has anti-fungal properties to keep the walls free of any kind of mold or fungus appearing on the surface.

If the cracks are a bit deeper, there are some simple steps you can follow to make them disappear.

1. Identify the cracks:
Check the surface area and chisel down the affected area or scrape with the help of a knife to make the cracks underneath visible.

2. Remove dirt:
Brush away all the dust particles and debris that may have accumulated in the cracked areas and clean them as much as possible.

3. Fill up the cracks:
Apply wall putty with the help of a putty knife and push it as much as possible in the cracks leaving no room.
(A pro tip is to apply in thin coats and let it dry in between coats so that it adheres more to the surface.)

4. Clean the smooth the surface:

Rub off any excessive material by grinding it with a suitable abrasive paper and dust off.

5. Final touches:
After all the cracks are filled, apply a coat of primer before applying any top coat as applying paint directly over putty can give an uneven finish to the wall.

Most importantly, use Master Paints Weather Resistant and completely forget about any crack formations on your walls.

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