Painting the patio / outdoor furniture

Master Paints

If you want to upgrade your patio and are on a tiny budget, then the best thing is to go for painting the outdoor furniture that you have been ignoring since long and that will bring that abrupt change in upgrading it.

Refurbish your outdoor furniture with Master Paints’ metallic finish glitter paint. Its always smart to choose the primers or paint finishes that are formulated according to the material and surface of the furniture. Painting furniture always comes with the drill to sand and clean the surface to prep it for applying primer.

Preparing the furniture:

Metal furniture requires cleaning the surface of paint scrapes with a metal brush or a scraper before sanding. These steps are used to smooth the surface.

For metal furniture, it’s necessary to remove all rust. Rust can be removed with a sander or a drill. Grind scour and sand off the rust.

Prime the surface:

After that, a metal primer and metallic finish paint is applied. If you are going for the brush-on-paint, then going for a primer is a must. Choosing the paint that is specifically designed for the surface ensures that it bonds correctly to the surface. If possible, remove the hardware from the furniture.

Choose a high quality paint:

Master Paints glitter metallic finish paint is of high opacity and sheen. Its glittery finish and high gloss allows it to be perfect for metal furniture. Also, Master Paints are very fast drying and durable needing two coats being enough to last for long. We advise you to choose the color that goes well with the exterior of your house.

Other considerations:

Cover up the area where you are planning to paint to avoid the mess of scrubbing the floor later. Protect and move the planters away. Also consider the climate as well. In Pakistan, summers are very hot and the paint gets dry too quickly because of the heat. And if you are planning to paint inside, make sure the area is well ventilated.

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