RED – The Color of Appetite

Abdul Qadir

Ever went to a café to get coffee and ended up having a sandwich or a big slice of cake to go with it? Or you might have just passed by a restaurant and felt a pang of hunger just by looking at it? Well, mostly that has nothing to do with how hungry you already were, but many a times its plain color psychology used by eateries in order to attract maximum customers.

If you are wondering how that is possible, here’s the answer. There are hidden stimulators, in all colors, that are not seen but felt immediately when exposed to them. Just like blues and greens radiate calm and tranquil feelings, yellow makes us happy and orange active; red is the color that is most associated with warmth and excitement. Due to this, we feel an increase in our pulse and heart rate, which raises our blood pressure and has a powerful effect on our body and brain as it ignites our appetite by increasing our metabolism. That is what makes red a popular color among restaurants.

So how can you use it in your own café or restaurant without overpowering it? There are many examples of fast food chains using the color red. When we talk about the interior of your restaurant, painting every wall red can be very intense. A safer choice would be to create the focal wall of your restaurant red while adding complementary colors around like wooden effects or yellow, green and orange accents. The focal wall can be the one directly visible when anyone enters your restaurant.

Now that you know how to create that sudden appeal to your eatery, some great options to use may be Poppy-54 or M. Light Red-28 from the Master Paints Super Emulsion series. Paints are the cheapest way when it comes to revamping any place with new décor ideas. Master Paints are environment friendly, anti-fungal paints in Pakistan which give extra coverage in such a reasonable price that makes them even more special.

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