Setting up a Home Office (DIY ideas on how to create one)

Master Paints

You want a workplace at the comfort of your home where you can work and function at your best? Well, this cannot be done only with separating the space for a desk and chair, you need to design a creative home-work environment where you can work and concentrate better. Research shows that nowadays comfort alone is not the only factor that drives one to work but one must access to a creative environment that stimulates productivity.

The design of your workplace should fulfill the attributes of the tasks to be performed and at the same time provides the space where you can work more efficiently. The layout should best serve overall creative process and workflow. The design must be effortless and can be changed or redesigned according to requirements and tasks at hand.

In the sea of colors, Master Paints has a wide range that will work best for your home office. A monochrome color scheme is the most favorite when it comes to office colors, because of its formal and more luxury appeal. We suggest you to not go for one solid color, perhaps choose tints and shades and other derivates of the color and make it into your favorite color scheme to paint. Like instead of black, you can go for grey, charcoal, griege, fossil grey, graphite or pebble grey.

To break the color, add colorful accessories to liven up the space. It’s your office, you can design it however you like. This will not only lighten up the space but will add character to it; well who doesn’t like to work in their personalized office? While selecting the color, keep in mind the color and texture of the furniture you will be using. Wooden office tables look best Infront of a grey painted wall with frames of personalized reminders.

Tips to follow:

• Proper ventilation.

• Comfortable furniture.

• Proper lighting

• Reconnect with nature. Plants play a positive impact in making your home office a happy, healthy and comfortable workspace.

• Incorporate plenty of storage. Cabinets, built in drawers etc. You can also use open shelves to display and stack things.

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