The Dos and Don’ts of Starting an Ice Cream Parlor

Abdul Qadir

If you are about to start your confectionary business soon but are not sure about the first step, you have come to the right place. There are some very important things to keep in mind before even finalizing the menu of your eatery.

Let us assume that you are starting your very own ice cream parlor but are unaware of the beginning process. The first and foremost thing to finalize is the color scheme of your parlor. Are you looking for a place with a high turnover of customers? Or are you planning to have a place where people can come, relax and have the time of their lives? This is important to decide as both the types will cater a different color scheme for your shop.

There are quite a large number of ice cream parlors in Pakistan having their own signature styles. The colors of any commercial place’s interior are of high significance both aesthetically and psychologically. Make sure you have the desired color scheme according to your customer need. If you want a high turnover of consumers, avoid using relaxing colors in excess so that the customers spend a little time enjoying their sweet and leaving, making space for more. The colors should be chosen initially as they will stay with the audience of your parlor for a long time as people start to relate a certain place with the color scheme it has.

Though interior is obviously very essential, the exterior should not be neglected as it is going to be the one attracting customers to your shop. It should be catchy as compared to the surroundings. The most popular color schemes being used at ice cream parlors for decades are pastel color schemes.

Ice creams are all about flavors, and those added with an amazing ambiance will be a cherry on the top. Don’t forget to keep the seating arrangements in mind. The areas where the most time is spent are the counters. There should be no seating near the counters so that the customers can choose or taste their ice cream flavors in peace without any hindrance.

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