Updating your Wooden Doors with Master Synthetic Enamel

Master Paints

Want to update the exterior of your home? We suggest a quick fix by painting that wooden door you have been ignoring lately. The main spot where weather has etched its glory from years. Master Paints has a wide range of paints for wooden doors. Exterior doors are the main feature of the house layout. You can make them a focal point or blend them into the remaining exterior.

Color selection is as important as choosing the right door. You can use a bright color paint for the door to make a statement, or keep it classy with crème, beige or whites. Masters Paints Pakistan has made this door painting job quicker and much easier by not needing to prime the wood surface first. We offer weatherproof wood paints which are applied on prepped wooden surfaces. Remove door fixtures, sand the surface, wipe the dust and start painting. Don’t forget to stir the paint well and use a synthetic brush. Let it dry for a few hours and apply a second coat and voila you are done. Always start from the top and work your way to the bottom of the door.

Pro tip: an electric sander will do the job more neatly though you can use a sandpaper as a flat scraper.

Follow must: We know we avoid removing the metal fixtures but believe us this first step will save you so much pain cleaning paint off the knob’s nooks and corners. However, if the door fixtures are hard to remove, tape it off with a painter’s tape.

Wooden door paints can be in any finish you want. From glossy to matt, Master Paints got you covered. Our guide can help you select the perfect wood paint finish you want.

1) Glossy (high sheen)

2) Satin (mid sheen)

3) Matt (low sheen)

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