​Wooden Finish: Lacquer

Master Paints

Give a new life to the wooden door and furniture with Master Paints’ premium quality lacquer. You will be amazed how refreshed and clean your wooden doors will look after just a coat. This will make cleaning much easier, leaving the doors stay and look fresh much longer.

Lacquer comes in various colors and it’s always a fuss as the color on the tin differs when applied on the wooden surface. That is because it looks different on different woods. It is advisable to always do a test patch and mix any wooden stain to get a desired finish. For this hassle Master Paints offers a premium quality lacquer which has high opacity and whiteness than the rest. This will create a strong shield and gives a beautiful sheen to the wood. It will not dull the original paint.

Pro tip: Never forget dusting the door thoroughly, also do not leave any trace of dirt and dust for a perfect finish. It’s time to pick up the brush and with gentle strokes, always start with the moldings first. Don’t leave wet edges go dry, pick them with subtle strokes for an even finish.

Must follow: Removing every trace of dust from the door will go in vain if you will not use a clean, un-crumpled and a good quality brush. Follow the instructions on the container. Always keep in mind several lighter coats are better than a few heavier coats. Apply one coat, let it dry for a few hours. Then lightly sand the surface and do not forget to dust it off. Finish it off with a second coat. Master Paints Lacquer is a fast-drying wood finish and has a smooth, blemish free sheen to it.

Lacquer is also used to protect and seal bare wooden surfaces like doors and furniture. Lacquer can also by sprayed if you do not want to apply with a brush. Compressed air guns and spray cans will give a smooth finish.

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