Primer Red Oxide

Sep - Primer-Red-Oxide

Pack - Primer-Red-Oxide

Primer Red Oxide

Master Primer Red Oxide is a solvent based anti-corrosive and Anti-rust primer based on alkyd resin.

    Key Features
  • High Opacity
  • High Durable
  • Super Quality
  • No Added lead Or Mercury
  • Extra Coverage
    Packing Sizes

    Packed in International Standards Tin Pack with IML Saleevs- available in following sizes

  • Quarter 0.91 Ltrs)
  • Gallon (3.64 Ltrs)
  • Drummy (14.56 Ltrs)

Pack - Primer-Red-Oxide

    General Properties
  • Thinning Agent : White Spirit/Turpentine Oil
  • By Brush,Roller (10-15%), By Spray 25%
  • Apply with Brush,Roller, Paint Gun
  • Ideal-Coats : 1 Coat
  • Drying time : 16 hours

    Estimated average Coverage: 100 square feet per Litter (single Coat)

  • Estimated Gate & Gril Sizes
  • size(8X10X2requires 1.6 Ltrs
  • size(4.5X6X2)requires 0.5 Ltr
  • size(10X10)requires 1.0 Ltr
    Common Surfaces

    Thoroughly clean surface Remove all defective or poorly adhering material by rubbing down using a suitable abrasive paper and dust off. Prime with Master Primer.

    Surface Preparation

    must be clean, dry and free from efflorescent salts. Prime with Master Primer.


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