How to Choose Bedroom Colors

Master Paints

After a long tiring day when you come home to hit the sack, all you need is a relaxing environment or a place where you feel at ease and feel comfortable. While people tend to experiment a lot with colors around them, one thing that is very important to understand is the color psyche and the way they should be used around us.

If you are looking for that perfect color in your bedroom but you also want to be “in” with the latest trends, look no more! Master Paints is here to make it super easy for you.

While choosing a color for your bedroom, there are some basic points that you should keep in mind and everything else will be in place.

1. Understand the color psychology:
Colors have different effects on different people. While colors like red, orange and yellow are bold, energetic and lively; colors like blue, green and purple are more calm, nurturing and romantic. Understanding color psychology will immensely help in choosing the right family of colors for your bedroom walls.

2. Determine your own interest:
Make sure what kind of a mood you would prefer when you enter your bedroom. Ideally, a bedroom should have a calm and relaxing atmosphere which will help in a better sleep pattern. Avoid bold colors as they create a dramatic and energetic ambiance which is not very much preferred in such places.

3. Color of the furniture:
While selecting colors for a bedroom, keep in mind the color of your furniture and try to choose a color scheme that goes with it; as a super contrasting color scheme will create a haphazard look and won’t be as pleasing. But, if you want to enhance the color of your furniture, then go with soft neutral tones as they will make the furniture stand out.


be afraid to try:

Some things never go out of fashion like accent walls or patterns on walls. Try

different ideas that can make your space look elegant e.g. make the wall with

the bed an accent wall. Or go with subtle neutral shades and add bold colors in

the form of random accessories like lamps, rugs, cushions etc. to compliment

that. Use stencils or stripes as patterns on one or all walls to give a sense

of movement and drama to your room. If the floor has a pattern, try to avoid it

on walls as that will give a chaotic look to the entire place.

(Pro tip: Always try a sample color or pattern on the walls before applying the whole thing at once.)

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